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Tourist Tours

Individually Planned Tourist Tours

Through Germany, Neighboring European Countries, China, and Taiwan

For more than fifteen years Gerrit Book has planned and led tourist tours through Germany, neighboring European countries, China, and Taiwan.  He designs these tours according to individual interests and wishes and accompanies them too. He uses his long-standing experience as a tour guide and his personal knowledge of the German and European history and culture as well as his expertise in Chinese language, history and culture.


Past examples in Europe:  from Berlin to Leipzig, Weimar, Erfurt, and Dresden; from Freiburg through the Black Forest to Constance at Lake Constance, and from there to Salzburg, Munich and Berlin; or from Berlin to Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, to Munich.

Past examples in China: from Beijing to Xian, on river cruise down the Yangtze River, and on to Hangzhou and Shanghai; or from Shanghai to Suzhou, Xiamen, and from there to the Taiwanese island Kinmen, and to Tainan and Taipei.


Almost all tours do not only include cities, but also the environs and incorporate history, arts and culture. They may also include walks or hikes, biking and boat cruises.