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Culture of Remembrance

Travels and Tours to Sites of Remembrance

In Germany and Poland

How does a society or country remember its own past or the past of others?  How does it keep the memories of the past alive?  How are events of the past anchored in the collective memory, and how are they taught?  What is remembered at all and what is forgotten by silence?  How does remembrance take place?  Which pedagogical, aesthetic, architectural and ritual forms does it take?


The Travels and Tours to Sites of Remembrance seek to answer these and other questions.

Monuments and memorials, museums, educational sites and institutions can be visited.  Meetings and discussions with contemporary witnesses, historians, scientists or politicians can also be organized.


Places of past trips and tours in Germany have for instance included not only Berlin, but also Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar, and Nuremberg.  In Poland, the cities of Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow have been visited.