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Singing & Qigong – Tonal Colors and Five Elements. Inspiring and relaxing days in Mecklenburg (October 21 – 25, 2020 / cancelled because of the Corona Pandemic)

Breath, singing, and Qigong are a wonderful combination for body, mind and soul. And this in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Mecklenburg.


Already in May 2019 and in June 2020 together with our participants we could enjoy the beautiful seminar house “Alte Dorfschule” in the small village of Liepen. It is located on the eastern edge of the Müritz National Park near Klein Viele on the Old Mecklenburg Salt Road, surrounded by meadows, forests and many lakes. Depending on the weather, we spend the days together indoors (in the seminar house and village church) or outdoors in the garden.


This workshop is aimed at all those who want to (re)discover their body and voice and expand their vocal boundaries. With Qigong, in the flow of the Chinese Five Elements, we move the body and thus create a wonderful basis for a free, vital breath, which then carries the voice while singing. In the interaction of Qigong and singing we can recognize and release tensions, which leads to a well being, calms the mind, makes the movements in Qigong light and flowing and leads to a free intonation and relaxed singing.


It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced singers and Qigong practitioners.


We will fill the mornings and part of the afternoons with Qigong and singing, but there will always be enough time to relax individually or to do different activities and small excursions with other participants.


In the morning, at noon and in the evening we will usually eat together and let the days come to a relaxed end.


Gesang: Annette Isenbart

No matter if you are 20 / 40 or 60 years young, which singing level you currently have or which music style you prefer – you are welcome to discover, develop and expand your singing skills and limits in a group of like-minded people. We learn with and from each other.

Prepare 1 to max. 3 songs before our workshop. The song or the respective part of the song, you want to work on, you should be able to sing by heart and if you like, you can accompany yourself on the guitar or bring a playback with you.

On registration you send me the title and artist of the song(s) and briefly describe what you would like to change or where you still have difficulties with the technical implementation. This will help me to develop a concept that is tailored to the needs of the group.

For example, you would like to change the following: Breathing, high passages, more powerful tones, timbre, more lightness, more stable tones / intonation, ornamentation: riffs, runs, trills or expression and interpretation.

Together we warm up our voices before we turn to the above mentioned aspects and work on the songs we have brought along.


Qigong: Gerrit Book

At the beginning of the respective Qigong units we bring the Qi in motion with different simple Qigong exercises such as pelvic circles, tapping and different sounds and try to perceive it and thus build a bridge to the vocal part of the workshop.

We also learn and practice a relatively short but very beautiful form: “The Five Elements in the Cycle of Nourishment”. This is a physically less strenuous but mentally stimulating sequence of movements that guides us through the cycle of the seasons and the Chinese five elements associated with them. From winter/water we will move to spring/wood, early summer/fire, late summer/earth, autumn/metal and finally back to winter/water.

The form is very meditative on the one hand, but on the other hand it moves the body in all directions of space and combines expanding with contracting and centering movements.

Learning, practicing and experiencing, i.e. active and meditative phases will alternate and there will always be an opportunity for conversation and exchange.


Accommodation / Catering
We will be staying mainly in double rooms (single rooms on request and limited availability at extra charge) and on almost every day we will have three meals.


Further detailed information
Please contact us by email.