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„Holocaust and Human Rights“ – Educational Trip through Germany and Poland (July 21 – August 04, 2019)

Open Group trip for American Educators

What are human rights and how can they be taught in class or in other contexts?

Under the heading “Human Rights”, this educational trip, which has already been carried out for a couple of times, takes us from the Third Reich and the Holocaust, through the communist dictatorships in the GDR and Poland with the Stasi and the peaceful revolution or Solidarnosc (Solidarity movement in Poland), to current developments and up-to-date questions of migration, integration, discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

History and specific social or political events are conveyed and reflected through visits to original sites, memorials and monuments, museums, educational institutions, NGOs and associations. During guided tours, discussions, and interactive workshops the different topics of the tip get vividly communicated and reflected.

A reference to human rights is made frequently and questions like how to teach historical events and human rights today or how to sensitize and enabled students to defend themselves against injustice, are explored.

The journey also offers space for an intensive exchange between the participants and reflections on what they have experienced. But it also leaves time for personal interests and explorations.

5 Nights in Berlin including excursions to Oranienburg and Leipzig
1 Night Gdansk
2 Nights Warsaw
2 Nights Krakow including excursion to Auschwitz
1 night sleeper train
3 Nights Berlin

For full itinerary, costs, and further detailed information please send an email to stevengoldberg1010@gmail.com